Our business services include:

Co-creation/ Sales Partner/ Service Partner/ Marketing PartnerSourcing hub/ Technology Training. 

Technology products are essential for sophisticated daily life of each individual, at UFIRM Inc we are committed to Co-Create, Sale, Promote and Service such life quality enhancing products. 

SALES PARTNER:  Make use of expert sales team to sell in largest open market of world.

  • Sales Partner Services is a high value solution to our technology OEM partners where we offer a professional sales team dedicatedly working in collaboration to achieve sales targets that are foundation to successful business venture. 
  • Sales Manager leads a small operation team dedicated for our client business growth in PAN India, entire sales process is carried out in much scientific manner thus desired results are evident and measurable.




  • An outsourced sales manager and operational team saves our clients an extra monthly salary cost. Other saving that client makes is on internal employee recruitment liability without compromising on business accountability. This sales team earns purely on achievement grounds increasing dedication to grow client ‘s business 

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  • Sales Partner Service enables technology products/ services to start moving into channels, institutions and corporate in INDIA.
  • In coordination with technology partner UFIRM develops an yearly business plan for the region including,

               - Target Market Reach
               - Sales Target

Join UFIRM and discover joy of expanding your business in new potent regions.



Awareness towards social responsibility is very much in our DNA. Small consistent contribution to world is what UFIRM is committed to.